A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Cinderella. You cnt think princess without seeing Cinderella. This dress perfectly embodies her. With a slight blue tint and delicate features you will be a show stopping bride. They aren’t glass slippers but they’ll do. 😉 Better believe this is a Disney product. Not only is it beautifully simple its perfect for the grown up […]

Aurora/Sleeping Beauty Wedding

This is actually the first Princess wedding I did. I love Aurora/Briar Rose more than Cinderella. This is a little more true to Disney than the Snow White. The bridesmaid are inspired by her fairy god mothers Flora, Fauna and Merrywether. The overall color scheme is Pink and Blue with a splash of sparkling gold. […]

Romanov Wedding

Anastasia Romanov. She has always been one of my favorite Princesses even though she isn’t Disney. A Navy and Gold Russian Romanov wedding. If you didn’t already fall head over heels for this wedding then you might tip over the edge now. The China is actual Romanov era antiques. Now I knw you cnt realisticly […]

Snow White Wedding

Woah talk ab a leave of absence. It’s been a while since I have posted. Had some issues with my internet access but I’m back! And very please to present some new ideas. Without further adieu… A Snow White wedding! This theme has a grown up feel with a touch of whimsy. Overall red, white […]

Holy birthday, Batman!

Yep its a Batman party. I put this together back in January for my husbands birthday party. He loves Batman. I used a black and gold color pallet to try and take some of the kiddie out of it. You know a little more Bruce Wayne/Darknight not the Capecrusader and Boywonder. Lol Anyway that’s the […]

Burton-esque Love

I love Tim Burton. He has created and directed some of my favorite movies. This design actually started out as a wedding theme because I think it would be just amazing to have a Burtonesque wedding. Alas I think our family would not agree and I love the plans I’ve already made soooo say hello […]