Holy birthday, Batman!

Yep its a Batman party. I put this together back in January for my husbands birthday party. He loves Batman. I used a black and gold color pallet to try and take some of the kiddie out of it. You know a little more Bruce Wayne/Darknight not the Capecrusader and Boywonder. Lol Anyway that’s the […]

Burton-esque Love

I love Tim Burton. He has created and directed some of my favorite movies. This design actually started out as a wedding theme because I think it would be just amazing to have a Burtonesque wedding. Alas I think our family would not agree and I love the plans I’ve already made soooo say hello […]

Big girl costumes

I love Halloween. I’m obsessed with it. I throw a huge party every year. I’ve become very particular about my costumes. I no longer want a bagged costume. I dream of sewing my own but I suck so I don’t. Yet. Instead I do this.. Jessica Rabbit. Always loved her. So this is MY version. […]