Holy birthday, Batman!


Yep its a Batman party. I put this together back in January for my husbands birthday party. He loves Batman. I used a black and gold color pallet to try and take some of the kiddie out of it. You know a little more Bruce Wayne/Darknight not the Capecrusader and Boywonder. Lol Anyway that’s the original inspiration now its time for what actually happened!


DIY! Early on in the game I know. I spent several hours getting these cups done for a bright green punch I made. To begin with I drew up the image with pencil then sharpie. Next I photocopied like 30 of them. Here is where the tedious part comes in. Once I had the copies I took an exacto knife and cut them out. Quite a few hours later I took some spray glue and pasted them to a clear cup. You can see the final product above. Unfortunately I dnt have a picture of them with the drink in it but they looked amazing. If you like I can post the image for download so you can do it yourself 😉


This is the rest of the party. Lots of DIY for this party. We made signs, Harvey two- face chocolate coins, Joker punch and more. I love the little Funko Pop Batman I bought to put on the cake. I also got him Batman cufflinks for the wedding and a double bladed batarang knife for his gifts.



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